Jesus loves children, and so do we. Therefore, it is our mission to glorify God by making disciples of adults and children. For parents, this happens by enabling them to be in the service lifting high the name of Jesus through worship and listening to the authority of God’s Word proclaimed. For our kids, this is accomplished through providing a safe, engaging environment where they build relationships with their leaders and learn about God and His Word through stories and fun activities. 

Summer 2018

Our theme for this summer is “Stand Out” and we will be teaching our kids what it means to “Stand Out” for God. In addition to looking at people in God’s Word who did just that, each week we will have a fun and tangible way for kids to “Stand Out” as well!  

Check out each week’s “Stand Out” theme along with a short description HERE. We will give away a prize each week to the person who “Stands Out” the most! 


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Jennifer Beasley

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Check In

We recognize that getting the whole family to church may be a difficult task at times. We do everything we can to make the check-in process go as efficiently as possible to minimize that difficulty and maximize your experience with us.


First Time Visitors - If it is your first Sunday at Harvest, one of our volunteers will assist you at our check-in table. While there, we will help you enter family members' names and ages; print name tags; and pick up a parent claim security sticker for check-out. Once you have checked your kids in they may be dropped off at the appropriate classroom.


·      Babies:  6 Weeks – 12 Months

·      Walkers:  12 - 24 Months

·      2-3’s: 2 year olds – 3 year olds

·      Pre-K: 4 year olds – 5 year olds

·      Lower Elementary: Kindergarten – 1st Grade

·      Upper Elementary: 2nd Grade – 5th Grade


Returning Families – After going through the initial process for the first time, you may either check in with a volunteer or you may check your kids in at the self check-in station. 

Check Out

To pick up your child, you will take your parent claim sticker that you received during check-in and hand it to one of the leaders in his or her classroom to verify who you are and check-out your child.



It is so, so important to us that you have peace of mind when entrusting us with your children. To that end, we have taken the appropriate security measures to ensure that your children are safe and sound, and are able to play, learn, grow, and make new friends, all while you're able to worship.

If you would like more information about our security, please feel free to send us an email at: