Stand Out 2018


Harvest Kids – STAND OUT – Summer 2018

Our theme for this summer is “Stand Out” and we will be teaching our kids what it means to “Stand Out” for God. In addition to looking at people in God’s Word who did just that, each week we will have a fun and tangible way for kids to “Stand Out” as well!  

Check out each week’s “Stand Out” theme along with a short description below. We will give away a prize each week to the person who “Stands Out” the most! 


·      June 3rd – CRAZY HAT DAY: What better way to start off our Stand Out summer than with a crazy hat day? Whether it’s getting a pizza pan to stay on your head or a piece of tin foil or an army helmet, literally anything goes! The only requirement is that it STANDS OUT! The crazier, the better!


·      June 10th – CRAZY SOCK DAY: If we are going to stand out from our head to our toes, we better follow up crazy hat day with crazy sock day! Wear some of your crazy and colorful socks, OR… if you want to be really crazy… get creative and make your own with paper, plastic wrap, pillowcases, Walmart bags, or just doodle on some old, white tube socks!


·      June 17th – BIBLE CHARACTER DAY: Since we are talking about how to stand out for God and Bible characters that did just that, why not dress up like your favorite Bible character? Make some paper shackles and you could be Paul in prison. Bring a fishing net and you could be Peter or Andrew. Wear purple and you could be Lydia, the seller of purple. So many possibilities!


·      June 24th – CRAZY HAIR DAY: Spike it up, slick it back, color it pink, put some glitter in it, put a bow or 50 bows in it! There is no limit to hairspray, gel, and pizazz that you should put in your hair!  


·      July 1st – COLORBRATION: Wear neon, wear something shiny, wear the brightest colors that you can get your hands on! If we don’t need sunglasses to look at you, IT’S NOT BRIGHT ENOUGH!!!


·      July 8th – BEACH VACA DAY: Let’s put the “beach” in “beachin” and the “sun” in “Sunday”! Wear your best Hawaiian outfit with a lei and a grass skirt, or just grab some goggles and floaties and bring the good vibes.


·      July 15th – THROWBACK – 80’s DAY: Grab your jean jacket and throw on some penny loafers, wear your neon windbreaker, or grab the old mullet wig and call it good! Mom and Dad will know what to do!




·      July 29th – PJ DAY: We mean it when we say, “Come as you are”. If you can’t say, “I woke up like this”, you’re not doing it right! Wear your onesie and your house shoes, grab your teddy bear and you’re ready to walk out the door!


·      August 5th – PUMP IT UP!: Wear something sporty, represent your favorite team, and get ready to pump the jams and jump! Did somebody say something about a bounce house?


·      August 12th – MOVE IN DAY: It’s time to move in to your next classroom in Harvest Kids! This is one of the biggest moments of your life, so dress up like what you want to be when you grow up!