Prayer Requests

Prayer is our direct communication with God. It is an honor to be able to speak to the God and Father of all creation, who loves us and cares for us intimately. God does not care about the size of our prayers, only the heart behind them, and the desire to have him rule our entire lives.  

Prayer is not about getting our will done in heaven, but about getting God's will done on earth. To that end, the elders and staff pray for you by name. Your information is private, and we are here to pray alongside you.

If you have a prayer request, you can email or use the following form to submit your request:



If you want to speak with a pastor directly, we are here to speak with you. Seeking biblical input and guidance as you navigate through life is crucial, and it is a good thing to have at least one other person who is seeking God through the Bible to help you apply wisdom with your life's decisions (Proverbs 15:22).