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Glorifying God By Making Disciples

Sunday Service


Malco Razorback Theatre

3956 N Steele Blvd
Fayetteville, AR 72703


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Our Vision

At Harvest Fayetteville, our ultimate objective is to glorify God.  We do this by making disciples.


We believe that God uses the message of the Gospel to transform individuals' lives, resulting in personal conversion (Romans 1:16). You do not get saved by behaving morally or obeying a strict set of rules - you are saved when you believe and profess that you are imperfect, that Jesus is perfect, and that you want him to apply his spiritual perfection to your relationship with God.  



Every believer must be getting spiritual nourishment so that he or she may grow up into the person God has designed them to be. We believe that believers must be discipled. This is the process in which you as a new believer seek and recieve biblical instruction to apply to your life, transforming you inside and out. This is much more than simply coming to church on Sunday morning - it is consistently meeting with a more mature Christian than yourself who has agreed to help nurture your spiritual health with you. Not only is this essential for your own health, it was Jesus' method for reaching the world: from Him, to His disciples, through their disciples, to us, to our disciples, and through you, the world (2 Timothy 2:2).


Fayetteville and the world

We seek the good of our city, Fayetteville, Arkansas. We see a city in which all people can experience personal conversion and whole life transformation. Through personal life change then comes community formation, cultural engagement, and renewal. This movement of the Gospel does not stop in Fayetteville, but extends to our country and the world.

Jesus' method to reach the world was people. These were people who He considered faithful, to whom He entrusted everything, knowing that they were devoted to the mission of God. In order to reach the world, we start with people, just like Jesus. First, you reach out to someone who you consider a potentially faithful Christian. Then, you begin to teach them the biblical knowledge, character, skills, and vision needed to reach the world for Christ, and you give them responsiblity, all while modeling this behavior for them. Finally, you release them to reach new people. Sometimes this process is long, sometimes short. It is the primary way we partake in Christ's mission (Matthew 28:18-20).


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